XPUIPC Offsets

Dec 17, 2018

We are the virtual airline company called "Turkish Virtual" and we have Flight Data Recorder which evaluates our flights. But it reads MSFS offsets for values of sim.

When we use some aircrafts that not using standart x-plane datarefs we have some problems about it.

Lastly i am trying to solve Flight Factor A320 Light system

For example;

in offset.cfg file

Dataref LandingLights sim/cockpit2/switches/landing_lights_on int

it is reading landing light status from this dataref,

i use lua script to transfer value from "model/controls/light_land1" to "sim/cockpit2/switches/landing_lights_on" and it is working i read this dataref just like the same and not changing at all

but this offset is reading this value blinking. In other word sometimes landing light on sometimes off

how can i solve this could you help on this?