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May 20, 2018

POSCON; Positive Control ist ein neues Online-Flugsimulationsnetzwerk, das von den bekannten FS-Community-Entwicklern Ross Carlson, Gergely Csernak, Mark Ellis und ein paar anderen entwickelt wird. Es wird beworben als das Flugsimulationsnetzwerk der nächsten Generation mit Features wie hohen Serveraktualisierungsraten, neuer ATC- und Pilot-Client-Software, realistischer Sprachqualität und vielem mehr.

Hier mal eine kurze Übersicht:


Leider gibt es aktuell aufgrund der Datenmigrationen einen Anmeldestop. Wir werden euch aber sofort informieren, sobald es wieder möglich ist sich zu registrieren. Bis dahin könnt ihr euch schon einmal ein kleines Video mit den neuen Übertragungsfeatures, sprich Netcode anschauen.


Unlike similar network projects that boast concept renderings of features to attract interest, we are only going to list the amazing features that we have either completed or are well into the development phase on:
  • A server update rate that will allow for formation flying. This has always been a benchmark for our development team and by using modern server development techniques, such as those in online action games, this will be a reality.
  • Web-based pilot client. This may sound weird, but it is going to be absolutely amazing! Imagine being able to leave your computer to run an errand, make dinner, or even watch the football game! This is totally possible with a web-based pilot client. You will be able to answer messages, connect or disconnect, and access a whole host of features from your tablet or mobile device.
  • Air traffic controllers, how about putting your printers to good use? Flight strips will be both electronic and printable. In all cases, flight strips will remain in the FDIO (Flight Data Input/Output) system after a user logs off, so the sequence at a tower will not be lost.
  • Real world D-ATIS (Digital Automated Terminal Information Service) broadcasts will be available 100% of the time even at unstaffed airports that support D-ATIS. POSCON recently became an official provider of digital services from the FAA, and D-ATIS is just one of the many services we will be integrating into POSCON.
  • Voice communication will mirror the real world precisely. We can guarantee, with confidence, that our voice protocol will meet or exceed your expectations. How can we guarantee this? Because real world airline pilots and controllers are on our team and testing every aspect of our network to ensure high fidelity!

X-Plane Multiplayer Video:

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