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What is XPUIPC doing ?

A little bit of flightsim history (could be not 100% correct):

In the stone age of the computer a new star was borne, the Microsoft Flightsim. It was nice and you had a chance to fly on a PC with a mouse or a joystick. After a while more and more users were interested to do more with it not only connect a mouse or joystick to it. They wanted to have access to flightsim values like heading of the plane, pitch, roll, bank, altitude and so on. Natively this was not possible. Mircrosoft had no plans to have an interface here. So a guy Adam Szofran invented an interface which uses IPC (Inter Process Communication) called FS6IPC. With this the user had suddenly access to hundreds of flightsim values. These values are „behind“ so called offsets, e.g. in offset 0x560 plus 8 byte you will find the latitude of the aircraft. You can read and write it via the FS6IPC interface....via functions provided by an SDK....OK.

Then Peter Dowson came and added a lot of functions like calibration of joysticks, key to offset mapper and so on and called it FSUIPC.

Now thousands of flightsim addons, airplanes, sceneries are using it, it is a quasi standard interface to MS FS until today.

You have a WideClient also to get a IPC interface on a PC which is connected via IP to the flightsim machine. So you can spread addons over several PCs like Project Magenta, moving maps, etc.

Ok, then X-Plane came along the way. Natively it has two possibilities to access flightsim values:

Via UDP datagrams on a IP interface

Via datarefs from a plugin; A plugin is like a dll running in the context of X-Plane.

And then I thought wouldn‘t it be nice to use the MS FS addons with X-Plane..... To achieve that I created the XPUIPC plugin. To the outside world it has the same IPC interface like FSUIPC and I coded the same offsets into it, means under offset 0x570 + 8 byte you will find the same value like in MS FS. So if you fire up your favorite MS FS FSUIPC addon it will most likely work with X-Plane again. The XPWideClient is the pendant to the WideClient of Peter Dowson.


  • Small adjustments
  • x737 Support
  • TCAS function added


  • This version was released to fix some issues with the IXEG 737 autopilot

  • Small adjustments

  • Offset 0x240 corrected

  • Added smooth transition for nullzone for joystick offset 3328

  • Internal modification of scaleToRange for joystick axis scaling
  • NAV fix for blinking NAV indication

  • Offset 0x28C0 added

  • Offset 0x16024 added

  • Offset 0x3F00 added
  • Offset 0x3F02 added
  • Offset 0x3F04 added

  • Offset 0x0B51 added
  • Offset 0x0B52 added
  • Offset 0x0B54 added
  • Offset 0x0B58 added

  • New XPUIPC client mode => You can set XPUIPC on remote X-Plane machines into client mode (option for this you will find in the xpuipc.ini file) to control it remote via datarefs (e.g. use it when you have the x737 on a master without plugin and x737 on the remote machines with plugins).
  • Offset 0x11125 added => you can write datarefs via offset directly and broadcast them on remote X-Plane instances, please refer to offset overview list
  • Offset 0x1119D added => Request a direct dataref read, please refer to offset overview list
  • Offset 0x11202 added => You can read the value of the requested dataref

  • XPUIPC+ module for axis combining added
  • XPUIPC+ module for axis calibration added
  • Offset 0x1400 now writable
  • Offset 0x2EF8 added deviates from original means here CoG in meters -xx => foreward, +xx => aft, 0 => Center
  • Offset 0x16000 added => IP adress of X-Plane where XPUIPC is running as a null terminated string xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
  • Offset 0x16014 added => Computername of X-Plane where XPUIPC is running as a null terminated string
  • Offset 0x3E00 => correct UNC path on the client now

  • Offset 0x3920 added
  • Offset 0x39E0 added
  • Offset 0x3AA0 added
  • Offset 0x3B60 added

  • Preparation for XPUIPC+ modules
  • Offsets for TCAS 0xF000 + are now showing TCAS data from VATSIM and pilot edge plugins

  • Support for inverting elevator, aileron, rudder axis added via XPUIPC.ini file added

  • Offset 0x0D0C x737 support added
  • Offset 0x0281 x737 support added
  • Offset 0x11000 added to control aircraft from external flightmodel
  • Offset 0x6F0F added (middle cloud layer ceiling)
  • Offset 0x6F11 added (middle cloud layer base)
  • Offset 0x6F13 added (middle cloud layer coverage)
  • Offset 0x6F14 added (real weather in use flag)
  • Offset 0x208C added
  • Offset 0x218C added
  • Offset 0x228C added
  • Offset 0x238C added

  • Offset 0x0366 changed, mapped dataref "sim/flightmodel/failures/onground_any"
  • Offset 0x02BC write

  • Released

  • Offsets added:
  • 0x3416
  • 0x3418
  • 0x079C
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Working :)

3367 offset for Door is not present, can you add that too


Deniz Mordogan
Please update the plugin to allow mouse control for rudder and nosewheel to work
Using - IXEG throttles both by hardware and with the mouse are blocked with that version as well. Last working version is
There is a bug that causes my nosewheel steering to stop working. Absolutely no support for it.
I`ve some problems with new version of XPUIPC (
1) IXEG 737-300 - thrust leavers doesn`t wokr
2) 737-800X ZIBO mod - N1 thrust with this plugin is getting low - about 3-5%
3) no contact with developer? Or I couldn`t find ;)
4) req: It will be superb to work this plugin with FF A320...