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LiveTraffic 0.9 Public Beta

LiveTraffic is a multiplayer plugin, which fills your sky with live air traffic based on public tracking data requested from OpenSky Network and/or ADS-B Exchange. It uses the same underlying library for CSL model selection and display as XSquawkBox or X-IvAp do...with some enhancements. Hence, it requires CSL packages like the Bluebell package.

Brief list of features:

  • Channels for live tracking data: OpenSky Network, ADS-B Exchange
  • Displays aircrafts (and some ground vehicles) based on tracking data, using matching CSL models
  • TCAS guarantees but seems to work pretty well
  • info on aircraft/flight as labels to the planes or in info windows
  • basic flight modelling for rotate, pitch, flare; acceleration, deceleration; gear, flaps; lights; landing and take-off prediction
  • auto-land in case of live tracking data interruption on approach
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