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Dieses Thema im Forum "Vorschau" wurde erstellt von Cyris, 7. Mai 2017.

  1. Cyris

    Cyris Administrator
    Mitarbeiter GXF-CEO

    Registriert seit:
    17. April 2017
    EFASS Next Generation

    Nun ist es endlich so weit, "FROOM" kündigt eine Überarbeitete Version des bekannten EFASS Clienten an. Dieser beinhaltet fast alle Main-Features und erweitert diese in ein neues Design. Der in die Jahre gekommene EFASS-Client, hatte immer mal wieder mit lästigen Abstürzen zu kämpfen, mit dieser komplett neuen Umsetzung und gleichzeitig Feature Erweiterung, will und wird man dagegen wirken können.

    Neuerungen, eine kleine erste Überischt:

    • Flightplan Profiles:


    Flightplan profiles let you quickly switch between different Callsigns/Remarks/..., these can be predefined and quickly selected on flightplan creation. Multiple profiles are combinable, because blank fields are ignored. This makes it much easier to switch planes/airlines etc. Also the Flightnumber-Prefix (IATA) can be changed here. You can create as many profiles as you like.

    • Flightrules

    You can now set the flightrules in the schedule window. It can be I,V,Y,Z. This selection influences the (x)IvAp export.

    • Some minor Flightplan output tweaks

    As I had to change the flightplan output due to point 2, I just added the departure/arrival runway to the route.

    What's also new in the upcoming version:
    • TELEX: Added the option to disable the blinking TELEX button at the top. (Settings->Misc)
    • X-Ivap Export plugin modified to export Flightrules correctly
    • Ivap2 Export plugin modified to export Flightrules correctly
    • Added X-FMC Export Plugin
    • Added UFMC Export Plugin
  2. Cyris

    Cyris Administrator
    Mitarbeiter GXF-CEO

    Registriert seit:
    17. April 2017
    EFASS NG 2.1.17110.1359 (Released 21.04.2017)
    • Internal Route Database implemented
    • Debug Network updated to new DataURLs
    • Version Number in About Dialog
    • Aerosoft Airbus Export Plugin
    • Removed reading data.bin on startup (could cause problems on some systems with no admin privileges)

    EFASS NG 2.1.17108.1017 (Released 18.04.2017)
    • Vertical Profile for selected approach
    • Trial-Time Ready (has to be activated on server)
    • arious Tooltips fixed
    • Landing VS and GS displayed in FDR
    • Autoincreased UIPC polling during Landing/TO
    • Flightplanning: SID/STAR displayed during creating a new Flightplan
    • Basic Economy (this is just the base - more features will follow) Not available for the public at the moment
    • Various Bugfixes, especially bugs that were submitted by the Crash Reporter
    • Base implementation for the Tablet-View. When finished, you can connect your Tablet (iPad/Android etc.) to EFASS, to access the map and basic functionality
    • Export-Plugin for SSG 748i added (Attention: The SSG import is really buggy sometimes. Always review your route in the FMC after import.)
    • Removed Distance column from Controller and Traffic Lists. To get nearby or enroute controllers, use the Enroute-Controllers-Tab in the Flightplan view or the Inflight-Panel.

    EFASS NG 2.1.17030.1054 (Released 30.01.2017)
    • Route-Details: No more dupes
    • Route-Details: Correct Coordinate Display
    • Alternative WPTs: Correct Coordinate Display
    • VNAV: Fixed T/D displayed off route
    • Net-Error: Whazzup-Parsing now ignores all invalid lines and parses anyway. This should fix the NET-Error for VATSIM users

    EFASS NG 2.1.17027.1121 (Released 27.01.2017)
    - Flightplan/Schedule-Creation: Possibility to select alternative
    waypoints on duplicate entries in NavData. Use the Details tab
    during flightplan creation for this.
    - Fix: Routebuilder picking wrong Navaid if it is listed as
    Waypoint in the Navdata and not as Navaid.

    EFASS NG 2.1.17026.1631 (Released 26.01.2017) ++ HOTFIX ++
    - Crash hotfix
    - Custom VNAV blinking + sound at 30sec remaining
    - Minor typos corrected
    - Custom Layers: Austrian VFR Reporting points added (Thanks to
    Alpenwolf and the IVAO.AT division)

    EFASS NG 2.1.17026.1111 (Released 26.01.2017)
    - Custom VNAV (for flights without flightplan or for quick mode
    selection. Right-Click the Map at the spot, select target altitude
    and rate.) This calculation is based on the current ALT and Speed,
    the sim must be connected.
    - Ground-Metar always displayed if A/C on ground

    EFASS NG 2.1.17023.1326 (Released 23.01.2017)
    - Fix: Ground-Map METAR now gets correctly updated when Taxi-Mode fires.

    EFASS NG 2.1.17023.1157 (Released 23.01.2017)
    - Inflight-Panel: If no flightplan is filed, the list will display
    nearby controllers (Aerodrome 40nm range, CTR/FSS 100nm range)
    - METAR-Window now displays surrounding stations (50nm range)
    - METAR-Window supports Database-Search
    - Ground-Map: Nearest METAR gets displayed on top
    - Taskbar-Fix: The new UI caused to overlap the Windows Taskbar, that
    should be fixed now. Windows steals EFASS now 1 Pixel height. Sad.

    EFASS NG 2.1.17022.1201 (Released 22.01.2017)
    - ILS Frequencies displayed for each airport on map (when zooming in)
    - Tooltips for Topbar-Icons
    - Custom Layers: Bigger Arrow-Tips
    - Export-Button disabled if no FP is active
    - Export-Script for Ramzzess 777 included. Needs testing.
    - Fixed: It is no more possible to resize a maximized window

    EFASS NG 2.1.17021.1016 (Released 21.01.2017)
    - New UI Style, categorized toolstrip Buttons
    - Quick-Access Menu
    - Notepad button removed, little Pen icon added
    - Friendslist Button now also at the top right
    - Quick Database-Search field in the top right corner
    - Window color selectable via the Options-Dialog
    - Map-View bigger (No menu icons)
    - Import Files button (Settings tab) to import Aircraft-Template files
    or custom layers from everywhere.
    - Included United-Kingdom Airspace file by default
    - Included Austrian Airspace file by default
    - Included Croatia Airspace file by default
    - Included Hungary Airspace file by default
    - Updated VATSIM Data retrieval code
    - Added the possibility to hide the Airspace Info-Bar
    - Added Button in Aircraft-Editor to retrieve estimated Override-Values
    from imported Blackbox-Files
    - Included XPUIPC: Changed the default IP-Address in the XPUIPC.initial
    to to get rid of the error message on startup of X-Plane

    EFASS NG 2.1.17019.1014 (Released 19.01.2017)
    - Support for multiple flightplan style files
    - Flightplan-Style can be selected at the settings dialog window
    - Summary-Page: Runway-Information added
    - Summary-Page: A/D Frequencies added
    - Summary-Page: Fixed displaying wrong METAR if METAR is not available
    for Origin/Departure A/D
    - Search for ICAO-Codes during FP-Creation

    EFASS NG 2.1.17018.1010 (Released 18.01.2017)
    - Inflight-Panel: Simulator-Overlay (Menu->Tools->Inflight-Panel). Can
    overlap the Title-Bar of a windowed simulator. Can be opened to
    switch Enroute-Controllers, Transponder.
    - Inflight-Panel: Snap to X-Plane Title Bar (Settings)
    - Inflight-Panel: Autoshow if Sim is connected (Settings)
    - Inflight-Panel: VFR Squawk changeable
    - Metar-Window now displays Significant Weather if available for
    the aerodrome
    - Conversion Window added QNH/Altimeter, Celsius/Fahrenheit,
    Feet/Meters, KG/LBS, Knots/Kilometers per hour
    - Search-Result from Database-Search displays a marker
    at selected item position
    - Small display fixes on summary view and METAR-Window

    EFASS NG 2.1.17017.1345 (Released 17.01.2017)
    - More detailed METAR-Lookup
    - Database-Search added (Airports, Navaids, Fixes, Traffic, ATC)
    - Lookup-Dropdown at the top toolstrip added
    - Moved ADIS into the Lookup-Menu

    EFASS NG 2.1.17016.1906 (Released 16.01.2017)
    - Export-Checkboxes get saved
    - Taxi-Mode does no more switch to World-Map when holding short during taxi
    - Taxi-Mode possible if no Flightplan is active (can be enabled in Settings-Window)

    EFASS NG 2.1.17015.1007 (Released 15.01.2017)
    - QDM/QDR/DIST can be activated with Middle-Mouse-Button
    - Custom-Layers: Arrows are now thicker
    - Custom-Layers: Lines supported
    - Fixed a bug that crashed EFASS during the initial API connection, if
    incomplete data was received
    - Map-Colors get automatically reloaded once the World-Map is initialized to
    prevent false colored lines to be drawn

    EFASS NG 2.1.17013.1023 (Released 13.01.2017)
    - Custom Layers: Double-Arrows added
    - Custom Layers: Patterns now display inbound/outbound course
    - Custom Layers: VRP Styles changed.
    - Fix: Worldmap offset removed when switching from Telex to World-Map Tab (hopefully, can
    not reproduce)
    - Fix: Crash-Reporter: Failure on calculating the great circle distance in schedule window
    - Fix: Crash-Reporter: Color not selectable
    - Fix: Crash-Reporter: Modal window bug during activation of the product
    - Fix: Crash-Reporter: WordWrap function fixed
    - Fix: Crash-Reporter: Deleting a schedule failed

    EFASS NG 2.1.17012.1516 (Released 12.01.2017)
    - Local Chart-Database: It is no more required to add an underscore (_) after the
    ICAO Prefix of the Chart-Files. That way charts with the name ICAO.pdf will be
    - Local Chart-Database: EFASS will no more import files that do not have a valid
    ICAO Prefix
    - Local Chart-Database: Uppercase PDF extensions won't be ignored anymore.
    - Custom Layers now support arrows. To use it, first create a QDM from/to, then
    right click the map and add a custom marker to a custom layer.
    - Custom Layers support traffic pattern
    - Updated German VRPs custom layer

    EFASS NG 2.1.17011.1537 (Released 11.01.2017)
    - Most Map-Colors changeable via the Settings-Window
    - On flightplan creation, EFASS will now popup a Message box if you forgot to set
    the EET. By pressing YES, the EET gets automatically calculated if possible.
    - Local Chart-Database: Import of PDF-Files now functional
    - Local Chart-Database: Search now functional
    - Local Chart-Database: Button order changed
    - Fixed a bug that fired up the crash reporter, when clicking the Calculate Release Fuel
    Button during flightplan creation, if no Departure/Origin was set.

    EFASS NG 2.1.17010.1710 (Released 10.01.2017)
    * In this release we eliminated the most common bugs *
    * that fired up the Crash-Reporter (Oooops-Dialog). *
    * We experience that most of you do not enter any *
    * description of what you did before the crash appeared *
    * That makes it really hard and slow to get rid of these*
    * bugs. So please - as you are participating in the *
    * public beta - add information, if you get the crash- *
    * window. THANK YOU! *
    - Fixed a bug that fired the Crash-Reporter while planning a flight (Schedule Map not completely
    - Fixed a bug that fired the Crash-Reporter while planning a flight and opening the
    manual route builder window with invalid ICAO-Codes
    - Fixed a bug that fired the Crash-Reporter while planning a flight from or to an airport
    without SIDs or STARs
    - Fixed a bug that fired the Crash-Reporter during activation of the product
    - Fixed a bug that fired the Crash-Reporter when creating the flightplan object
    - Added additional logging for Error-Catching during FP creation

    EFASS NG 2.1.17010.1158 and EFASS NG 2.1.17010.1144 (Released 10.01.2017)
    - Network-Aircrafts are now displayed on the Ground-Map
    - Fixed a bug that fired up the crash reporter while the background thread saves
    and validates world routes
    - Added an informational message when the user presses the Sim-Connection Button
    - Small typo fixes
    - Build 1158 just fixed an issue with the ground map, close aircrafts did not get displayed

    EFASS NG 2.1.17009.1212 (Released 09.01.2017)
    - Added Callsign / UserID-Filter for Aircrafts shown on map (Settings Window)
    - Templates now support VNAV Override
    - VS-Profile can be overriden by an angle. E.g. standard commercial rate is 3 degress,
    so it makes sense to set a value of 3 in VNAV override for every commercial airliner.
    - Added Export Script for IvAp 2 (FSX/P3D) Thanks to Colibri
    - Added Export Script for vPilot (Original by anilhaksever, Updated functions to work properly
    the latest version)
    - Changelog can be displayed again via Menu->Tools->View Changelog
    - Bug fixed that could crash EFASS when going on higher altitude than planned

    EFASS NG 2.1.17007.1616 (Released 07.01.2017)
    - Manual Routeplanning: Airway min altitudes displayed on higher zoom
    - Added fallback Network-Configuration files for the case that the API is not available
    for data download.
    - Added an alternative Activation-Method for people with constantly changing Hardware-IDs
    - Changed Splash-Screen, added Tip of the day

    EFASS NG 2.1.17006.1026 (Released 06.01.2017)
    - It is now allowed to select -NONE- as SID/STAR during flightplan creation
    - Origin/Destination surface winds and Pressurization is now displayed on the Summary page
    - EFASS NG now randomly selects a VATSIM server to download the data from. This should prevent
    - VOR-Rose thicker
    - Manual Routeplanning: Non-Airway fixes are now displayed on lower zoom
    - Network-Data Download interval configurable in settings dialog.
    - Fixed a bug that fired up the crash reporter after TELEX reconnection / Friendslist affected
    - Fixed a bug that crashed EFASS if the connection to the API could not be established.

    EFASS NG 2.1.17005.1531 (Released 05.01.2017)
    - Manual Routeplanning: Right-Click Menu speed increased
    - Manual Routeplanning: Window opens on the same screen as the schedule window
    - Manual Routeplanning: Cancel/Discard Button added, small redesign
    - Added Background Route Fetcher. This will constantly import World-Routes into the local
    database (as background task) and check their validity against your NavData while EFASS
    is running. After using EFASS NG a while your Database gets bigger and you'll get more
    routes displayed during flight planning.
    - Routebuilder updated to search the local DB primary
    - Fixed a bug that caused friends not to show up on map for invisible users
    - Minor spelling mistakes fixed

    EFASS NG 2.1.17004.1454 (Released 04.01.2017) HOTFIX RELEASE
    - Memory leak on manual routeplanning map fixed

    EFASS NG 2.1.17004.1229 (Released 04.01.2017)
    - Buttons in Flightplan creation window (Schedule window) renamed. "Create" now goes to manual planning, "Automatic" will search for routes.
    - Manual Routeplanning: Waypoints for Free-Airspaces now displayed on map
    - Manual Routeplanning: Fixed several Null-Reference exceptions
    - Manual Routeplanning: SIDs and STARs are displayed as orange line, Approach-Transitions are now displayed as gray line to the destination airport
    - Manual Routeplanning: It's possible to display a background map

    EFASS NG 2.1.17003.2237 (Released 03.01.2017)
    - Quick-Edit-Menu for flightplan-changes. Runway/SID/STAR/FlightLevel
    - Manual Routeplanning (IFR) via Airways (Schedule-Window -> Custom) - This is alpha and needs intense testing.
    - Weather-Layer moved below Navaids- and Intersections-Layer
    - Fix: Memory leak removed that possibly occured after simulator disconnection

    EFASS NG 2.1.17002.1828 (Released 02.01.2017)
    - VNAV (Descent) implementation, Customizable / Template based
    - Simulator Plugin-Installer (Can be skipped if you already have XPUIPC or FSUIPC installed)
    - Changelog now displayed after updating EFASS NG

    EFASS NG 2.1.17001.1826 (Released 01.01.2017)
    - Worldmap performance on high zoom levels highly improved
    - Reduced amount of data being sent for Friend-Positionreports
    - Map-Modes added: Details + Hillshading + Contour Lines, Details + Hillshading + Landmarks, High Contrast View
    - Network-Aircraft Tooltip now contains Altitude and Groundspeed
    - Local Weatherinfo on GroundMap now displayed only if the Checkbox is clicked (Ground-Map, right bottom). For whatever reason, this feature may produce performance problems on some clients, so it must be explicitly enabled.
    - Fixed a bug that fired up the crash reporter in case that significant wx was not fully loaded during right clicking the map
    - Removed detailed Network-Aircraft Label on Zoom, because overlapping labels were unreadable. However, use your mouse and point at the aircraft on any zoomlevel and you'll get the information.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16365.1505 (Released 30.12.2016)
    - Big Weather update: Realword & GFS now has more accurate data and more stations, Individual weather can read WX from any Weblocation or METAR.rwx file from X-Plane/xEnviro etc. Parsing speed doubled.
    - Fixed a bug that caused new added friends only appear on map when EFASS was restarted first.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16364.1430 (Released 29.12.2016) HOTFIX UPDATE
    - Fixed a bug that caused Friend-Position data being sent too frequently. This caused EFASS to slow down.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16364.1347 (Released 29.12.2016)
    - Detailed Enroute Controllers (Flightplan Tab) with ATIS.
    - Some minor fixes on the NightMode (Telex stays white for the moment, Approach-Dropdown stays greenish)
    - EDGG Fir-Borders updated, LEVC TAL added, LECG added
    - Trail for own Aircraft
    - Trail length configurable
    - Friends position displayed on map

    EFASS NG 2.1.16363.1003 (Released 28.12.2016)
    - Custom Waypoints are saved permanently to the database and they are not affected by Navdata-Updates
    - Flightplan remarks are "remembered"
    - AIS renamed to ADIS (Aerodrome Information System). "AIS" was misleading
    - Fixed a bug when opening the ADIS (No Reference Exception)
    - Custom Layers
    - Fixed a bug that caused airspaces west of the prime meridian not showing up correctly

    EFASS NG 2.1.16361.1511 (Released 26.12.2016)
    - In case of connection problems, NG will offer you to fire up our Twitter-Page where we will post information of possible Server-Maintenance etc.
    - Reduced CPU load while GroundMap is active
    - Custom aviation networks can now be added. Instructions inside the <MYDOCS>\Froom\EFASS\Database\customnetworks folder
    - Removed the delay on startup between splash screen hidden and main window shown. De-Icing the fridge...
    - Firmware-Implementation. This way EFASS NG's API-Communication protocol can be updated (after stable release) without having to deploy a complete software update each time
    - Temporary Coordinates + Bearing Points for instant FP

    EFASS NG 2.1.16359.1114 (Released 24.12.2016 Merry Christmas Update)
    - Fixed an error message if an invalid AC Template was used
    - Instant Flightplan can be saved / loaded
    - Fixed Bug that crashes EFASS when weather is not available & on ground map (please report back)

    EFASS NG 2.1.16356.1402 (Released 21.12.2016)
    - During Export, the user can select if he wants to export SID/STAR Waypoints or not. (X-Plane native and FSX/P3D native only)
    - Correct FL now exported to FSX Flightplan
    - Import Instant-Flightplan into Schedule Window (AL)
    - Speed gets correctly exported to X-Ivap
    - POB get correctly exported to X-Ivap
    - Winds & QNH displayed at the bottom of the ground map. If there is no METAR available for the airport, the nearest available METAR will be displayed.
    - Getting rid of the message "Master-Server not reachable"

    EFASS NG 2.1.16353.1545 (Released 18.12.2016)
    - Fuel: Reserve Extra Time can be adjusted. Default 60 Min
    - FlightFactor B757 Export fixed
    - Live FDR by default disabled, as this has a big impact on EFASS overall performance on long flights. Can be re-enabled via the settings. This does not affect general Fligt-Data-Recording, it's just the display.
    - Extended Performance Logging Window to get rid of memory leaks
    - Threaded UIPC connection to make the main thread (window) more responsive
    - Number of Map-Levels that are kept in RAM can be selected by the user
    - Fixed a memory leak in the LUA engine, that constantly increased the RAM usage
    - All global Variables for LUA scripts were removed, the vars are now accessible via EFASS:GetAccessibleObject(...). All default autoload LUA files were updated. If you have any custom LUA-Files in the autoload folder, remove them.
    - Included a LUA-Script that will write EFASS internal methods and fields (autogenerated) to the end of the logfile after closing EFASS. This is for LUA-Developers.
    - Aircraft-Templates can now contain a LUA script for special calculations.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16351.1233 (Released 16.12.2016)
    - Just a bugfix for the previously released version (see below). Weather/Forecast images are now displayed again.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16351.1020 (Released 16.12.2016)
    - QDM/QDR/Distance measuring tool (Map right click menu)
    - Better visual representation of Airport-Size and Equipment on the map (Color Scaling)
    - Aerodrome-Controller position is now bound to the Airport-Position. Can be disabled via the settings.
    - Simulator-Connection and all variables are now correctly exported to the LUA Engine
    - LUA String header files updated, added custom strpad functions (padleft / padright)
    - Crosswinds are now indicated with the direction. LCW = Left Crosswind, RCW = Right Crosswind
    - Live ETE/ETA Calculation (Direct to Destination) - Displayed at the bottom of the map
    - EET/ETA calculation during Flightplanning (Timer-Button)
    - STD/STA/EET in Flightplan
    - The Weather-Forecast images are not properly displayed in this version - This is a known issue

    EFASS NG 2.1.16348.1713 (Released 13.12.2016)
    - The installer no more overwrites Bookmarks during update/installation
    - Weather display more detailed, Low Visibility added, self explaining icons. CB/TCU added, OVC now correctly displayed
    - Fixed a bug that caused EFASS NG to crash if a SID has no waypoints.
    - Fixed several bugs that could cause EFASS NG to crash during Flightplanning
    - Added Performance-Override values for Aircraft-Template
    - Added very basic Cost-Index / Performance calculation into the Aircraft-Template
    - Added CI Field to Flightplanning window
    - Removed the "Add Manual" Button in Aircraft Editor for Performance Data. Override does the same.
    - Updated Default Flightplantemplate: CI, PIC, Remarks now displayed in flightplan
    - Runway information during flightplanning displays Y in case that the Rwy is equipped with a localizer
    - Text-Size in AIS fixed.
    - If no METAR is available in AIS, EFASS NG will display the nearest weather station.
    - Weather-Overlay will redraw automatically when new METAR data is available

    EFASS NG 2.1.16345.1012 (Released 10.12.2016)
    - FP-Printing
    - Surface Weather Map Overlay

    EFASS NG 2.1.16344.1102 (Released 09.12.2016)
    - Dramatically improved window responsiveness while the Simulator is connected and the World-Map is zoomed in
    - Night-Mode. It is ugly, but it is a night mode.
    - Blackout-Screens tool to avoid blending during night flights in a multi monitor environment
    - Browser Favorites

    EFASS NG 2.1.16342.1519 (Released 06.12.2016)
    - Fix: Bearing calculation is now accurate (No more slanted extended centerlines)
    - Fix: Airway labels are now straight on the line
    - Fix: Hopefully sorted out a bug that popped out the Error-Bot when displaying non route airports on map. Seems like this bug only appeared in specific regions of the world, please report back
    - Fix: A bug that popped out the Error-Bot when a BlackBox file could not be accessed. (L542 cBB).
    - "Temporary Flightplan" renamed to "Instant Route"
    - Instant Route exportable to X-Plane GPS
    - Added LUA API to register Instant Route Export plugins (different from normal plugins because there are only a few plugins/softwares that support absolutely custom waypoints, and that is a requirement for this)
    - Icons for Instant-Route Waypoints
    - Fixes can now be displayed on the map.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16341.1307 (Released 06.12.2016)
    - Schedule Window resized
    - AIS: A/D Frequencies available
    - AIS: Traffic available
    - AIS: ATCs available
    - AIS: NOTAM available
    - AIS now remembers last ICAO
    - Manual Route Planning via temporary Flightplan. This makes it possible to add a custom route to the map, or to do a classic VOR/NDB flight.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16340.1433 (Released 05.12.2016)
    - Fixed a bug that EFASS crashes on startup if a folder could not be accessed
    - Satellite-Images/Winds-Aloft-Images/SigWX-Images now sync to map / aircraft position.
    - The EFASS Window will now be opened on the same screen as the Splash-Screen.
    - Last Window-Position of the main window will be remembered and restored if the position is not out of screen range. Multi-Monitor compatible.
    - The user can select which airspaces to display
    - Export-Plugin for FlightFactor 757/767 included
    - Sorting for the procedure list
    - Bearing info for procedures. Example: SID XXXX1A goes North-West (NW) from the airport
    - Runway Length/Width/Elevation/Wind View during Flightplan creation
    - Added Airport-Label background for better legibility
    - Added light transparent Aircraft-Label background for better legibility
    - Extended centerlines for all runways of each displayed airport (when zooming in)
    - Surface Wind-Direction/Speed displayed at each Airport when zooming in
    - Started work on the AIS - Not complete in this version.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16338.1531 (Released 03.12.2016)
    - Fixed a bug that prevented Aerosoft NavData to load correctly (Stuck during loading NAVAIDs)
    - Removed the Beta-Infobox
    - Splash-Screen changed
    - Reduced the amount of data that has to be exchanged with the API

    EFASS NG 2.1.16338.1018 (Released 03.12.2016)
    - We had an API Bug that provided equal License-Keys to multiple people. Sadly everyone who got his license before this update, has to request a new one here: http://vthost.de/portal/?a=ltransfer.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16337.2322 (Released 02.12.2016)
    - Fixed bug that caused wrong Machine Identification due to cultural settings

    EFASS NG 2.1.16337.2053 (Released 02.12.2016)
    - Extended logfile to get rid of activation issues. All users have to reactivate EFASS NG Beta by entering their license key.

    EFASS NG 2.1.16337.1557 (Released 02.12.2016)
    - Fixed a crash in case that the Server-Connection drops
    - Added button to access this Beta-Portal quickly
    - Added check for Admin-Privileges, if not available, a hint will be shown after startup
    - Added experimental Export Plugin for FSX (untested, please report)
    - Added experimental Export Plugin for PMDG 737/777 (untested, please report)

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