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Es gibt einen neuen Server mit einem komplett neuen Forum Designe mit den gewohnten Addons. Das PhpVMS System wurde mit den alten Stats wieder eingespielt und kann über das Navigationsmenü auf der Hauptseite über "Airline" wie gewohnt aufgerufen werden!
To get this beta you'll need to run the updater and click "Check for New Betas" - we won't ever prompt you to install a beta when you have a final release of X-Plane. Here's the Release Notes. Please file bugs using the Bug Reporter!

11.02 is a small maintenance patch. Our main focuses were:

  • Performance tuning we could do without too much technical risk. (We'll do the more adventurous stuff in 11.10.)
  • Fine tuning the various SDKs.
  • Bug Fixes.

As a small beta, I'm hoping the entire beta period will be less than two weeks.

X-Plane 11.02 should be out this week; we're down to one bug, whose fix I am verifying now. There have been a number of questions about performance, so to start, here is some info on three things we've done to make 11.02 faster than 11.01.

8-bit Water. The dynamic FFT-based ocean wave textures we stream in X-Plane 11 are floating point textures in 11.01 (F32 on the CPU, F16 on the GPU). This was an easy decision for getting the tech working, but as it turns out, transferring the textures to the GPU is slow, particularly on the NVidia drivers.*

For 11.02, Sidney has rewritten the shaders to cope with 8-bit waves. The results look almost the same, but the amount of data transferred is 4x smaller, and more importantly, 8-bit RGBA is the path most likely to be handled well by the driver, so this should be a win.

Sidney also wrote some code to transfer the textures asynchronously, but we're holding off until 11.10 for that, as it may require debugging or behave weirdly on some drivers.

Faster Car Bucketing. The cars have always cost more CPU than they should, and profiling indicated that 90% of the work was in moving the cars around in our scenery system as they drove. The code to "rebucket" them has been modified and is now significantly cheaper. We are not turning the car density up yet (it's not that fast), but at this point with the cars at the highest setting we ship, they now take 2-3 ms total to compute, which means they have no frame rate impact. I'd like to bring the density up in the future if we can get further performance wins, which I think we can.

Better Core Scheduling. If you've been reading carefully, you should be shouting at the screen about now about how the hell something that takes 2-3 ms total is "free" - 3 ms means that if you were running at 60 fps you're down to 50. That's not free?

I am declaring the cars free because they now run in parallel to the flight model, and it's very likely that the total...
FSCloud Installationsanleitung für X-Plane 11

Hier eine kurze Anleitung, um die Installation von FSCloud so einfach wie möglich zu gestalten. Als erstes ladet euch den aktuellsten Clienten von FSCloud herunter. Diesen findet ihr bei uns auf der Seite im Navigation Tab "Ressourcen". Danach braucht ihr noch die "Faib_Aircraft_Library", dieses findet ihr demnächst auch unter Ressourcen.Ganz wichtig ist, wenn ihr in der Cloud mit uns fliegen wollt, muss alles von DafSim/Vatsim etc. vorher entfernt werden. Alternativ könnt ihr diese Programme in zip oder RAR sichern.
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